What is Honesty Tag?

Imagine losing your wallet, phone, laptop, bag or anything else of value. How much are these valuables worth to you? $20, $50, $100, $1000?
Honesty Tag is lost and found system that allows you to apply and tag your valuable items with a uniquely coded Honesty Tag. In the unfortunate circumstance of you losing your valuable item, the applied Honesty Tag gives the finder the opportunity to return your valuable item honestly and safely to you, and all you do is reward their honesty with a small cash reward.
With all the negative press in the world today we forget just how honest we all really are, and we at Honesty HQ believe this honesty should be highlighted and rewarded.

How does it work?


Order Your Honesty Tag from HonestyTag.com or purchase from your closest retailer.


Apply your Honesty Tag on your valuable items and register the tag number on HonestyTag.com & set your reward amount

Item Found

If an item is found, visit HonestyTag.com and enter the unique Honesty Tag number.

Claim Reward

The finder will be paid the honesty the reward set for the lost item as soon as they return the item to the owner

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Found a Lost Item?

If you have found an item with an Honesty Tag on it, simply insert the 10 DIGIT UNIQUE Honesty Tag number in the search box below and click SEARCH, once done you will be directed to the next steps to notify the Items owner and to claim your Honesty reward.

Register a Tag?

Once you have ordered and received your new Honesty Tags, you will need to register these tags on our site. If you are a new user you will be asked to create an account and if you are an existing user you will be required to login. Click on “Register Honesty Tags” below to begin the process of registration. Once done you will be directed to your account section where you will be able to see all your registered tags and be able to add or delete any Honesty Tags and see any outstanding orders.

At Honesty HQ your privacy is paramount to us (please read our privacy policy) , so remember we never share or sell your personal data

Register Honesty Tags

How People Are Applying Honesty Tags

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What our users say?

Just received my first order of Honesty Luggage Tags, they're brilliant , applied them to my gym bag , my hubby's golf clubs and as crazy it sounds put one on our babies pram- mums out there know prams cost a fortune.

Amelia( Financial Adviser/ Full time mum )

Thanks for sending through the Honesty Tags , got them yesterday , really useful , have applied the Stickers to a few important books, phone and laptop, and the Key Tag to all our home ,car and work keys , once again I love the idea. Like I always tell my patients - plan for the future - in this case you never know when you may lose something. Thanks.

Arjun( Doctor )

Left my iPad on the train, got an alert from Honesty Tag an hour later that it had been found. The honest finder accepted my $20 reward. Honesty Tag delivered it to me a few days later.

Malika Johnson( Marketing Manager )

The first time I lost my iPhone, it cost me $600 to replace but the last time it only cost me a $50 reward thanks to honest people and Honesty Tag.

Tim Cowan( Insurance broker )

I've just tagged my three kids’ hockey sticks and school bags, they cost me a fortune! With Honesty Tag, I have a better chance of getting it back.

Robin Russo( Full time mum )