A Little More About Us At Honesty HQ


Honesty Tag was born the day our Founder Jesse Shah, lost his wallet in an unregistered Taxi. The driver dropped him off at a lunch he was hosting. When the bill arrived he realized he did not have his wallet, and panicked. However, a few moments into this panic, he received a call from the driver offering to return his wallet (the driver got Jesse’s number as his wallet contained his business card). Upon getting his wallet back, Jesse was overwhelmed and surprised by this kind act of honesty.

This led him to developing Honesty Tag, an effective global lost and found service, where honesty is not only highlighted but also rewarded.

With all the negative press in the world today, we seem to forget how honest we all really are. In a recent survey conducted, 3 out of 4 people will look to return found items to their owners. Surveys conducted by our team show that on average a person loses more than 2.24 items per year with each item costing over $100, 70% of these items being Phones, Laptops, Tablets, wallets, keys and other items of value.

We’ve all lost something of value at some stage in our lives, by applying an Honesty Tag, give yourself that improved chance of getting them returned.

Remember what’s lost is not always lost forever